The East Meadow Little League, East Meadow Girls Softball, and East Meadow Senior League are under charter by Little League Baseball Incorporated for their annual Spring Season and is an all volunteer organization for the benefit of the children who live within our boundaries as defined by Little League Baseball. We serve the East Meadow communities between North Jerusalem Road (on the South) and Hempstead Turnpike (on the North) and between the Wantagh Parkway (on the East) and the Meadowbrook Parkway (on the West). We also serve the small area between Carmen Avenue (on the East) and Eisenhower Park (on the North and West).

The Association consists of five individual leagues with a common goal, to provide a quality program for the youth of our community. The Mini League serves boys ages five and six and teaches the basic fundamentals of baseball. Our Boys Baseball program serves boys ages 7 through 12 and builds on the fundamentals learned in our Mini League as well as fostering a love for the game and promoting good sportsmanship. The Senior League serves boys ages 13 through 16 keeps the competition going. Our Girls Softball League serves girls ages 5 through 16 with several "divisions" much like the individual leagues for the boys, teach the girls the basic fundamentals, good sportsmanship, and a love for the game. Last but not least, our Challenger Division, with Lee Cook at the helm of an amazing crew of volunteers, provides an extraordinary program for special needs children in our community. The main success in the Challenger Division is its ability to bring out the best in its players and volunteers including players from the other leagues who often volunteer as "buddies" to assist the players in the Division.

Each league (with the exception of the Challengers Division) elects it own President, Vice President and several Board Members. Each of these Board Members and Presidents comprise the Board of Directors, with the addition of several At Large Directors, Life Directors and Commissioner and Vice Commissioner.

Our Association is strictly a volunteer organization and its success is due in large part to the time and effort of those volunteers.

Each League holds it own monthly meetings, all are welcome (and encouraged) to attend to hear what's going on it each league, and voice any concerns. A friend once said to me "What right do you have to complain about how things are being done if you are not volunteering to help get things done?" That being said, below is a listing of the regularly scheduled meeting dates for each league.

Challenger Division - 1st Wednesday of each month

Mini League - 2nd Monday of each month

Senior League - 2nd Tuesday of each month

Little League - 2nd Wednesday of each month

Girls Softball - 2nd Thursday of each month

All meetings are held in our Board Room on the complex which is on
Merrick Avenue just south of Hempstead Turnpike